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Requirements for automotive st...

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The stamping die must withstand impact, vibration, friction, high pressure and tensile, bending and twisting loads, even work at higher temperatures (such as cold extrusion), working conditions are complex, prone to wear, fatigue, fracture, deformation And so on. Therefore, the requirements for the material of the mold working parts are higher than those of the ordinary parts.
Due to the different working conditions of various stamping dies, the requirements for the materials of the mold working parts are also different.
1. The requirements of the blanking die material are required to have high wear resistance and hardness for the working part of the thin plate blanking die, and the thick punching die is required to have high wear resistance and compressive yielding point, To prevent mold breakage or chipping, it should also have high fracture resistance, high flexural strength and toughness.
 2. Requirements for drawing die materials require good resistance to adhesion (bite resistance), high wear resistance and hardness, certain toughness and good machinability, and deformation during heat treatment. Be small.
 3. The requirements of cold extrusion die materials require high strength and hardness, high wear resistance of the mold working parts, and certain toughness is required to avoid impact breakage. Due to the large temperature rise during extrusion, it should also have certain thermal fatigue resistance and thermosetting properties.