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Automotive stamping knowledge

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What is automotive stampings?
The automobile factory has 4 major processes (4 major workshops): stamping workshop, welding workshop, painting workshop and assembly workshop. Automotive stampings are produced in the press shop. To give you an example, all the metal casings you see in the car casing belong to the stamping parts. The basic principle is to use the design of the steel plate to make the mold according to the designed process (tens of tons to 2000 tons). Into the desired shape. As for his role, it is difficult to explain that the steel plate has become a stamping part through the stamping workshop. The stamping parts have become the body of the white leather whole body through the welding workshop, that is, the steel structure chassis, the door, the top cover, the floor, the engine cover and the fender are welded. Together, it is equivalent to the skeleton of the whole vehicle. There are many assembly positions on it, and there are many assembly nuts and assembly holes. After the painting process, the assembly shop installed the engine, electrical components, interior parts, seats, steering wheel, tires, lights, etc., and basically completed one car.
Determining the shape and size of the sheet material of the stamping part is a prerequisite for analyzing the degree of deformation of the stamping part, the design processability and the formulation of the process specification. If the shape of the sheet is suitable, not only the uneven distribution of the deformation along the sheet material can be significantly improved, but also the forming limit can be improved, and the height of the lug can be reduced, and the trimming margin can be reduced. In addition, for some parts that are directly formed after blanking, if accurate sheet shape and size can be given, the number of times of mold adjustment can be reduced, thereby shortening the production cycle and increasing productivity. Based on the finite element simulation, this paper proposes a new method of sheet material optimization-scale factor method. When adjusting the initial contour line, this method does not give each node the same adjustment amount, but according to each node. The scale factor ω and the shape error value calculate the corresponding adjustment amount, so that the adjustment is highly targeted, the calculation result is more accurate, and the time required for iteration is also less.
For the initial contour used for optimization, this paper uses the finite element inverse algorithm, which is a one-step algorithm. The method directly calculates the initial sheet from the shape of the final part, and the calculation speed is fast. Through the combination of these two methods, the shape and size of the initial sheet material of the stamping part are solved, which not only has high calculation precision but also takes less time. In the latter chapter, two types of typical stamping parts are given. One is the part that is directly formed after blanking. The shape and size of the initial sheet of this part are very precise. The other type is the two drawing parts. The initial sheet of such parts requires a suitable shape and size. The method was verified by field to determine the shape and size of the initial sheet of the stamping.